If you are interested in butchery, then this is the place for you! Here you will find a wealth of materials designed to add value, increase your knowledge and enhance your understanding of meat cutting. Our team of skilled butchers have shared their knowledge to produce an array of educational materials and valuable resources.

Browse our collection of cutting guides, which have been designed to not only bring consistency to the beef and lamb sectors but also provide retailers and foodservice operators with product inspiration. 

Our yield section features a number of tools and resources to help with beef and lamb yield and costings.

Watch our master butcher at work and see how to cut beef and lamb in a series of butchery demonstration videos. Here you can learn how to add significant value to beef and lamb carcases as well as individual beef and lamb cuts.

Butchery Demonstration Videos

Butchery Demonstration Videos

See a master butcher demonstrating seam butchery techniques for beef and lamb >>
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Join the QSM Scheme

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