The halal market remains a key area of focus for the AHDB Beef & Lamb trade marketing team. With sheep meat being the primary protein of choice for the 2.7 million* Muslim consumers in this country the value of this market cannot be underestimated. As part of our commitment to this sector, AHDB Beef & Lamb has undertaken a number of projects that aim to further develop the supply chain and aid the promotion of domestically produced halal sheep meat.

Halal quality assurance scheme consultation launched 

An eight-week consultation is being launched to assess industry opinion on a quality assurance scheme for halal meat.  
AHDB Beef & Lamb has been working on the detail of the proposed scheme which would have separate categories for stunned, non-stunned and post-cut-stunned slaughter for sheep since its successful Halal seminar in February.

Now it is publishing the proposals, which would see on-pack labelling signposting whether the meat has come through an assured route, in order to help customers choose products on shelves. The consultation will establish whether there is support from the industry to progress the scheme.
Click here to download the draft proposals.  
Click here to download the consultation response sheet as a PDF or click here to download the response sheet as a Word file.  

Completed forms should be returned to halal@ahdb.org.uk or posted to Awal Fuseini, Halal Sector Manager, AHDB Beef & Lamb, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, CV8 2TL.
The consultation closes on 30th August 2017. 

Halal focused activity for 2017
  • Halal seminar: In February 2017, AHDB hosted a successful Halal seminar for stakeholders in the sector. It was attended by over 80 delegates from across the supply chain, academia, animal welfare charities and government departments. Experts discussed the growing Halal market and opportunities for the market of English meat to the global Halal market.       

  • Consultation on Halal Quality Mark: In July 2017, AHDB launched an industry-wide consultation to gauge the views of stakeholders on the need for a Quality Standard Mark for Halal sheep meat. The proposed standard is aimed at improving practices related to animal welfare, food safety and adding transparency to the labelling of Halal sheep meat. The consultation was launched the 5th of July 2017 and it is scheduled to close on Wednesday the 30th of August 2017.        

  • Halal consumer and trade expos: Between April and July 2017, AHDB attended a number of Halal trade and consumer events in France, the Netherlands and UK to interact with the audience with a view to marketing English beef and lamb. There are future events such as the Birmingham Mela and London Halal Food Festival in August 2017 and the Muslim Lifestyle Expo in Manchester in October 2017 which AHDB is attending.        

  • Collaboration with levy payers: In April 2017, AHDB appointed a new Halal Sector Manager, Awal Fuseini to manage all Halal related activities. Awal plans to interact with levy payers and other stakeholders in the Halal sector to understand the challenges facing the sector and how to tackle them. During his meetings with levy payers in the sector, Awal will highlight all the training resources available to the sector such as the award-winning Meat Education Programme and the AHDB butchery training courses.        

  • Social media campaigns: AHDB has a series of campaigns scheduled for the summer of 2017 and beyond aimed at using influential Youtubers to demonstrate how consumers can utilise different cuts in cooking a variety of products.

  • Farm Visit: In September 2017, AHDB is organising a farm visit for the Halal sector to coincide with the Muslim festival of thanks giving, Eid ul Adha. This festival is important to the UK livestock industry because thousands of animals are procured during Eid ul Adha. The farm visit will include a tour, live-to-dead demonstrations, butchery demonstration and a BBQ.   

Halal focused activity for 2014,2015 & 2016

Halal  Resources

Here you will find dedicated support for the Halal sector, with information on Assurance Standards, industry research and analysis, plus a host of information and supporting materials.

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Halal Posters

Halal Posters

AHDB Beef and Lamb has also produced two A1 sized beef and lamb posters illustrating many traditional Halal cuts and indicating which part of the carcase they originate from.
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