Halal focused activity for 2016

  • AHDB Beef & Lamb has conceived, designed and delivered research work on the impact of restraint of sheep to support the halal sector in seeking an alternative interpretation of the new 1099 slaughter regulations.
  • AHDB Beef & Lamb will be running a 7 episode Healthy Kitchen show on BMTV. The show will be a relaxed chat and cookery format, with relevant celebrities providing halal consumers with recipe inspiration, nutritional information and messages positioning lamb as a healthy and versatile option. The Healthy Kitchen brand will link into trade communications.
  • Butchery demonstrations and cooking tutorials will be provided by AHDB Beef & Lamb at The Muslim Lifestyle Show in April 2016.
  • A halal seminar will be held in the latter half of 2016 to address the challenges and opportunities within this market.
  • AHDB Beef & Lamb is committed to undertaking further research in the halal sector, covering issues on acceptability of stunning and the development of stun/non-stun brands.


Halal focused activity 2014 -2015

  • The Halal Seminar was hosted in March 2015. Over 60 delegates, from a range of businesses, heard from experts on a range of topics relating to the Halal sector, looking at some of the opportunities and challenges facing the sector.
  • The Halal Meat Facts guide  a short publication highlighting importance of the Halal sector and the value it adds to the UK and export sheep meat market.
  • The Qurbani Consumer Guide a publication produced with key input from the industry in response to demand from the halal sector and is aimed at helping to ensure that authentic Qurbani is performed.
  • An AHDB Beef & Lamb produced farm to fork video ran on the Islam Channel for eight weeks from August in 2015. The 15 minute infomercial was aimed specifically at Muslim consumers to promote sheepmeat consumption and tied in with a key time in the Islamic calendar to highlight the quality of our home-grown lamb for both domestic and overseas market.
  • Cooking and butchery demos were hosted by AHDB Beef & Lamb at the Eid Mela festival in Birmingham, where the versatility of lamb cuts were demonstrated to over 50,000 attendees.
  • A butchery training course tailored specifically for the halal industry was held in in Bradford which has formed a template for wider role out.
  • Export related work to continue to find new markets of homegrown halal products.
  • AHDB Beef & Lamb has partnered in a research project to investigate novel stun technology for cattle as this is a key limiting factor for the growth of halal beef.
  • Research was undertaken to demonstrate that new regulation, which states minimum Amp for stun equipment, does not stop the heart and as such should still be acceptable for those consumers who are comfortable with recoverable stunning for halal.

*figure provided by UK census 2011.

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Halal  Resources

Here you will find dedicated support for the Halal sector, with information on Assurance Standards, industry research and analysis, plus a host of information and supporting materials.

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Halal Posters

Halal Posters

AHDB Beef and Lamb has also produced two A1 sized beef and lamb posters illustrating many traditional Halal cuts and indicating which part of the carcase they originate from.
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