Scientific Papers

There are a number of published scientific papers that are of significant importance to members of the halal supply chain. 
AHDB Beef & Lamb has collated abstracts from these papers below:

Title: The perception and acceptability of pre-slaughter and post-slaughter stunning for Halal production: The views of UK Islamic scholars and Halal consumers
The importance of religious slaughter from economic, emotive and ethical viewpoints is significant…click for more
Title: The evaluation of two commercial electric sheep stunning systems: current applied and the effect on heart function. 
The maintenance of head-only minimum stunning currents for sheep to ≥ 1.0 Amp as per current legislation was examined in two trials in a commercial abattoir…click for more

Title: A comparison of handling methods relevant to the religious slaughter of sheep
Legislation governing non-stun slaughter of sheep in England requires that they are individually and mechanically restrained for slaughter…click for more
Title: The stunning and slaughter of cattle within the EU: a review of the current
situation with regard to the halal market
The slaughter of animals for the halal market is both ethically and economically significant. There are animal welfare and spiritual requirements that must be met for meat to be considered fit for Muslim consumption... click for more

Title: A comparison of blood loss during the Halal slaughter of lambs following Traditional Religious Slaughter without stunning, Electric Head-Only Stunning and Post-Cut Electric Head-Only Stunning.
Blood lost at exsanguination during the Halal slaughter of lambs was compared between the slaughter methods of Traditional Religious Slaughter without stunning (TRS), Electric Head-Only Stunning (EHOS) and... click for more
Title: Assessment of the meat quality oflamb M. longissimus thoraciset lumborum and M. triceps brachii following three different Halal slaughterprocedures
A total of fifteen male and fifteen female lambswere allocated to three groups of ten animals and subjected to: traditionalHalal slaughter without stunning (TNS); slaughter following electric head-onlystunning (EHOS) or... click for more
Title: Halal stunning and slaughter: Criteria for the assessment of dead animals
The debate surrounding the acceptability of stunning for Halal slaughter is one that is likely to linger. Compared to a couple of decades or so ago, onemay argue that pre-slaughter stunning is becoming a popular practice during Halal slaughter... click for more
Title: Halal Meat Fraud and Safety Issues in the UK: a Review in the Context of the European Union
Since the discovery of horsemeat in some processed beef products in early 2013,
there has been increased speciation testing of products of meat origin within the EU. This led to the detection of porcine DNA... click for more

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