The Quality Standard Mark (QSM) Scheme is more popular than ever and currently has over 2,700 members throughout the beef and lamb supply chain.  


We work closely with operators from farm-gate to plate to produce high quality beef and lamb and many QSM Scheme members are reaping the benefits.


You dont just have to take our word for it though, as many QSM Scheme members are happy to talk about the benefits to their business. Read through a collection of testimonials below.


Brindon Addy - Yorkshire-based Retailer

Brindon Addy - Yorkshire-based Retailer

"The QSM Scheme for beef and lamb is important to my business as it gives me reassurance in the product which I can confidently pass on to my customers.

My customers wont tolerate inconsistencies or poor quality in the products they buy so its essential that the beef and lamb I sell is produced and processed to high standards. The QSM Scheme gives me peace of mind that everybody in my supply chain is working in partnership to ensure that the beef and lamb I serve in my shop is something special.


James and Richard Altham Specialist Butcher and Beef Producer

"We got involved with the scheme from day one as we knew it would benefit our business by providing assurances to our customers, relating to the consistency and quality of the beef and lamb we supply. Its easy to place marks on packaging, highlighting that its British or even from a specific country or farm, but it has to deliver to encourage repeat purchasing.

Its a dedicated, quality supply chain that champions not only farmers, but also the consumer. Its simple really quality counts and consistent quality is all about setting high standards and delivering them.



Stephen Jarrett Processor

"Our company has been involved with the scheme since it was launched in 2004. The scheme has helped our business develop our own brands, providing point of difference in the market and has helped to expand our business potential.


I must also thank AHDB Beef & Lamb for the opportunities that the scheme has provided in the export market. In developing our export markets, membership of the scheme has provided our business with some outstanding and very useful marketing materials, translated for the specific country we are targeting.


The scheme is an absolute credit to the AHDB Beef & Lamb assurance programme and we intend to continue to work very closely with the scheme over the coming years to further benefit our business.



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 Benefits of joining the QSM Scheme:

  • The ability to offer your customers guaranteed eating quality
  • Assured from farm to point of purchase, providing total product integrity
  • Independently inspected
  • Consumer confidence, encouraging a purchasing preference
  • Better returns through the supply chain
  • Improved carcase yield and value
  • Provenance
  • Consumer marketing campaigns
  • Trade marketing support
  • Point-of-sale and consumer literature

Join the QSM Scheme today!

The QSM Scheme is completely free to join, so if you havent already done so, why not sign up today?


Simply complete a Membership Declaration Form and send it to us and well do the rest. Or if youd like to talk to us about joining the scheme, call our Hotline: 0845 491 8787*. 

*The only charge for this call will be your phone company's access charge.