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Browse through our collection of recipe booklets and publications, by clicking on the links below, to find an array of Quality Standard Mark beef and lamb recipes, which have been designed for professional chefs.



In the Menu Inspiration section, you will find all the recipe booklets ever produced by AHDB Beef and Lamb.


If you are looking for inspiration on how to utilise our range of innovative new beef and lamb cuts try browsing our New Product Range Publications.

We have teamed up with a selection of esteemed chefs to create the series of Master Chef and Master Butcher books showcasing recommendations for a range of underutilised beef and lamb cuts. 

If you are interested in the Sous Vide method of cooking we have produced a collection of special guides which highlight beef and lamb cuts that are suitable for that style of cooking.



Flat Iron Steak Spiced with sweetcorn salsa, sweet potato wedges and sour cream. Click here to view.Club Steak with wood roasted vine tomatoes, chilli butter and a herb oil dressing. Click here to viewLamb Mini Roast Top Flank (served medium) Serve with flat mushrooms, tomato herb crust, onion rings, watercress, chipped potatoes, gravy and Béarnaise sauce. Click here to view.