The Slowly Does It initiative from AHDB Beef and Lamb has been developed to restore consumer confidence in the quality and consistency of casserole cuts and return the category to growth.

Casserole Revival

Casserole Revival Category Report

The casserole/braising sector has been in long term decline, which is something we at AHDB Beef and Lamb want to address.


We've conducted extensive consumer research to establish just what consumers think about the category and we've also carried out extensive analysis of the products currently available to consumers. 

Full details of the research and our plans to rejuvenate the category can be read in the new Casserole Revival report. Just click on the image on the right.


Casserole Cooking Times

Addendum: Casserole Cooking Times

In our addendum to the Casserole Revival report, we outline the latest research and testing we have carried out in relation to cooking times for different muscle groups.

The aim of this concluding phase of the project is to provide definitive cooking times and instructions on-pack that are relevant directly to the casserole cuts in the pack.

Just click on the image on the left to download our Casserole Cooking Times report.  


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