Support For The Halal Market

The growing population of Muslim consumers has meant that in recent years, demand for Halal meat has increased considerably. There are a number of factors to be taken into consideration for meat to fall in accordance with the teachings of the Qur’an. Specific requirements for Halal meat begin on the farm and also apply during slaughter.

Lamb Cutting Guide for the Halal Market

Because the cutting of a lamb carcase for the Halal market differs slightly from traditional English butchery techniques, AHDB Beef and Lamb master butcher Dick van Leeuwen teamed up with Halal butcher Riyad Al-Hassan to produce a specialist Cutting Guide to address the specific needs of that market.

The Lamb Cutting Guide for the Halal Market was developed as a training tool and to provide a single comprehensive specification to ensure consistency throughout the Halal industry.

The Guide contains step-by-step instructions demonstrating how to cut each different section of the carcase using butchery methods used in the Halal sector. Included with the Guide is a CD containing over 100 lamb cutting specifications utilising the whole lamb carcase including offal. 

The Lamb Cutting Guide for the Halal Market is also available in French & German. They can be downloaded by clicking the French or German flag above.

Translation sheets, which can be downloaded, printed and used in conjunction with the Lamb Cutting Guide for the Halal Market, are available in the following languages: Urdu, Bengali (Bengla) and Arabic.

These are also available as Microsoft Word documents here.

Healthy Kitchen – Promotional Kit


In partnership with the Healthy Kitchen programme, AHDB Beef & Lamb is on a mission to bring about a positive lifestyle change in British Muslim cooking and eating habits. 


Why not help us to promote wholesome, healthy lamb and beef, and use this opportunity to benefit your business by using all the elements in the Summer 2016 Halal Lamb and Beef marketing kit, which contains: Halal beef cut chart poster, Halal lamb cut chart poster, butchers guide to cutting specifications and consumer trends, Halal meat cutting specification guide, pack of British Muslim TV meat flags and 7 x A5 Halal recipe cards as seen on British Muslim TV. 
To order this kit or elements from it, click here

Information Booklets


Halal Meat Facts

Halal Meat Facts

This handy booklet highlights the importance of the Halal sector and the value it adds to the UK sheep meat sector. The booklet outlines key statistics and the opportunities presented by the sector in the UK and in export markets.


Qurbani Consumer Guide

Qurbani Consumer Guide

AHDB Beef & Lamb has published a guide for consumers on Qurbani - the sacrifice of a livestock animal to mark Eid al-Adha. The 12-page booklet offers guidance on when to perform the ritual and how. 


Halal Posters

Halal PostersAHDB Beef and Lamb has also produced two A1 sized beef and lamb posters illustrating many traditional Halal cuts and indicating which part of the carcase they originate from.

Many professional butchers have found these charts really useful to help customers make the right choice. And it reminds junior staff of some of the basics. 

The posters are available free of charge to all businesses based in England. Simply enter your details in the online form, and a copy will be delivered to your door. Open the order form.

For businesses that are based outside of England, a small charge applies. Simply download and print the flyer, fill in your details and send it to the address below*, along with a cheque for £3.75 (inc p&p) made payable to AHDB, and the posters will be delivered to your door. Open the flyer.

AHDB Beef and Lamb Posters c/o PO Box 258, Wilmslow SK9 5YH.



Halal Market Report

Report Offers a Unique Insight into the Halal Market

Halal Report‘The Halal meat market: Specialist supply chain structures and consumer purchase and consumption profiles in England’ report, published by AHDB Beef and Lamb in November 2010, is the first authoritative study of the Halal meat industry in England. It gives an overview of the Halal market and provides an insight into Muslim consumers’ attitudes to Halal meat, using qualitative and quantitative research supported by extensive desk research. 

While the Muslim community in the UK represents only 3% of the population, they consume 20% of all the lamb sold in England, together with an increasing amount of beef. The Halal meat sector is a multi-million pound contributor to the British economy.

Read the report.













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