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Carcase classification is used to determine the commercial value of a carcase. An understanding of the link between classification and yield is needed to help industry assess the value of carcases for specific market requirements and to enable abattoirs to better reward those carcases that have higher inherent value.

A review of meat yield based on the EUROP classification scale has found that carcases hitting the key target areas of the grid still provide the largest volume of sale able meat. The upper central areas of the grid typically coloured green and covering classes E3 , E4L, U3, U4L, R3, R4L illustrate to processors, auctioneers and producers the target fat covering and conformation to achieve best returns for cattle demonstrating where there is highest yield of meat.

Both fat class and conformation class have significant effects on the yield of saleable meat from the carcase, with a difference in yield of 11% of the side weight when moving from O4H to U2 classification, for example. For an average 289.2kg carcase weight this represents a difference of 31.8kg. Even on the cautious assumption that all the additional weight is trim, at a wholesale value of £3.30 for 93% visual lean trim, this represents £104.94 per carcase.


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    How To Use The Beef Yield Calculator

    Use the drop down menus in dark green to change the conformation score and fat class (side weight can be inputted manually) to predict the yield for a beef side.

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